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Various USA Press Clippings


"Bensusan is very much his own animal. It’s like listening to a butterfly, to dappled sunshine coming through quaking aspens. His music flits and darts around like fish in a pool. And his compositions manage to encompass both the calmness of the pool and the flashing of the fish. It’s an entrancing, almost hypnotic thing to watch and hear, as he seems eager to share his journey, his li...

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Interview Folk Bulletin (Italy)


Giovanni:In your long career you sure have crossed the territoires of folk, could you tell us something about your way to see at folk and popular music ? Pierre Bensusan: The way people looked at folk music at the time I started my career and now is like day and night. In the seventies, we were still in the progressive movment coming directly from the 60s in the US, with the civil rights, Ke...

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GuitarCDs.net Intuite review (UK 2011)


INTUITE AWARDS 2002 AFIM Award for Best Acoustic Instrumental Album (USA) Guitar Album of the Year fROOTS (UK) Album of the Week JOURNAL DE MONTREAL (Canada) Best Albums GUITARIST MAGAZINE (UK) Ein wahres Juwel OWL AM SONNTAG (Germany Bravo!!! TRAD MAG (France) Intuite stands as the finest, most artistic and passionate example of anything composed and recorded on the instrument. ...

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Various Press on the Net


Review of the Complete Works, Collector's Edition box set, in the webzine "Work and Worry" (October 2009) "Pierre Bensusan... stuns Audience with Breathtaking Brilliance" Read review of Pierre's first Australian concert in Gold Coast (April 2009) Interview on Innverviews Interview in November 2007 into the online edition of Guitar Player Magazine by Barry Cleveland ...

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Australian Press Clippings


"Pierre mesmerized the audience and the rhythm almost lifted the roof off the building. By the end of the night the audience was in awe and speechless after hearing one of the greatest acoustic guitar performances ever on Australian shores"Tony Hogan Guitar Educationist Network April 4, 2009 "By the end of the night the audience was in awe and speechless after hearing one of the ...

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