Pierre Bensusan

Private Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons

In parallel to the residential guitar seminars which I run at my home near Paris, which is open to 10 students at a time, I am developing a new private residential tuition facility, the length of which varies from 1 to 4 weeks and is open to one or several students who I will address in private lessons.

I am also available for private lessons at my home or when on tour, or via Skype.



These one-to-one meetings are open to any guitarist playing in Fingerstyle, from every musical horizon and who has already attained an intermediate or advanced technical level, whatever the tuning. I am aware that it is at times difficult to self-evaluate ourselves and I will adapt the lesson content to your personal context and areas of interest.



I am quite open in regards with the process and any topic can be covered. I can review and provide critiques on a performance, a composition or a recording that you have made. We can also look in depth into one of my pieces.


Themes & Techniques

We will approach topics like musicality, philosophy of music, approach to the guitar, ear training, position, posture, rhythmic attention, tone, expression, interpretation, going deep into various techniques for the left hand, such as vibrato, ornamentations, slides, slurs, how to choose the best fingering in a given context.

We will run various exercises to develop the muscular elasticity of the inter-palmar muscles as well as the last knuckles when using partial barrs.

For the right hand, looking at the most utilised techniques such as picking, rest-stroke, luth technique, harp effect, tapping, etc. developing the independence of each finger, vary the tone and attack on the strings, the longevity, sustain and accompanying of resonances, address open strings, look at nuances, expression, colours, tone in general.



I play in DADGAD tuning but it doesn’t have to be about DADGAD per se, I can share my experience of this tuning at any time and initiate or dive comprehensively into any aspect of this tuning, but the tuning is only a small part of what goes on. Altogether, it's about finding the way of the music in Fingerstyle, this is why I am welcoming people whatever the tuning they use. 



If you are interested in finding out more about private lessons, please complete the contact form below: