Pierre Bensusan

Press Release

"Bensusan is very much his own animal. It’s like listening to a butterfly, to dappled sunshine coming through quaking aspens. His music flits and darts around like fish in a pool. And his compositions manage to encompass both the calmness of the pool and the flashing of the fish. It’s an entrancing, almost hypnotic thing to watch and hear, as he seems eager to share his journey, his light. I was struck by how the aim of each song was to be beautiful. Not witty, not avant-garde, not new, necessarily, but beautiful. A great craftsman plying his trade. A shepherd with his flock. As I left I felt all of a sudden that I’d been to temple after all. My own sort of temple, and by the end of the service I felt purified, cleansed, and ready for the new year."
Nyack News and Views (USA, Dan Cohen, Oct 4, 2015)

"Composition is a marathon, not a sprint, for acoustic guitarist and vocalist Pierre Bensusan. Throughout his 35-year career, the French-Algerian virtuoso has treated his pieces as something to nurture and evolve over stretches of time that can last months, years, and occasionally decades. His long-term focus on shaping pieces is reflective of his intense drive to ensure his playing and writing are captured in the best light possible, whether on a recording or in performance."Anil Prasad - Guitar Player (USA, Jan 2011)

"Pierre Bensusan is one of those rare musicians who can communicate his inner musical voice in a way that transcends his instrument."
Doug Young - Acoustic Guitar Magazine (USA, Sep 2006)

"A convincing display by a master performer"
Don Heckman - The Los Angeles Times (USA, Mar 2006)

“If world music is music that pays tribute to the spirit of a collection of human beings through distinct rhythms, traditional instruments and harmonic colors, Pierre Bensusan can be recognized as one of the most eloquent and diverse world musicians of our time.”
Ilana Wolpert - Jewish Newspaper in Cleveland (USA, 2006)

"Bensusan is one of the most original and powerful cretive forces of our day"
Bill Piburn - Fingerstyle Guitar (USA, 2005)

"Pierre Bensusan has been stunning audiences with his masterful guitar work for more than 25 years.  He's known for the emotional scope of his music, his willingness to take risks with improvisation and technique on stage, and his fingerstyle gymnastics."
Gary Joyner - Acoustic Guitar Magazine (USA, 2002)

"No matter the approach, Bensusan constructs single-note guitar lines that suggest both melody and harmony as they keep the music tumbling forward. That momentum, coupled with the music's obvious yearning, lends even the wordless instrumentals the feel of personal storytelling."
Geoffrey Himes - The Washington Post (USA, 2005)

"The French guitarist sounds utterly relaxed, as if the sparkling acoustic arrangements were spilling out of him as from an open faucet. But at the same time, one begins to notice the intricate architecture of a tune like the opening instrumental, "Veilleuse," in which the interval-jumping melody, the throbbing bass line and arpeggio harmonies are woven together by one pair of hands. One gradually realizes just how much effort and concentration have gone into the music."
Geoffrey Himes -  'Vividly' review - The Washington Post (USA, Jan 2011)

"The French guitarist drew from European and Indian folk music, flavoured with jazz and blues.  It often sounded like a jam between a modern jazzman and a Renaisance minstrel"
The Boston Globe (USA, May, 1985)

"They haven't made up words to describe Pierre Bensusan or his music.  He's unique, an original"
Larry Kelp - The Tribune, Oakland (USA)

"There are few guitarists on the fingerstyle scene today who are as gifted as Bensusan.  He has complete control over his Lowden 6-string, whether he is playing a restrained accompaniment for his songs, or a mile-a-minute Irish jig"
Mark Hanson - Frets (USA, Aug 1988)

"Bensusan is the 20th-century troubadour recounting ancient tales, then infusing them with the latest news from the village.  His music is deeply rooted in the past yet forever young."
Wayne Lee - Jazziz (USA, Oct 1995)

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