Pierre Bensusan

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Best World Music Guitar Player Live: Pierre Bensusan Reviewed

There was a sense of excitement in the air even before Pierre Bensusan took to the stage at Norden Farm Centre For Arts. It emanated from the guitar aficionados in the audience, eager to witness the man who was voted Best World Music Guitar Player by Guitar Player magazine readers.

They were not disappointed.

Nearing the end of an extensive UK tour, and battling with the heat of the night, the genial French-Algerian was, nevertheless, on top form, and we were soon to become part of the intimate relationship he has with his guitar. They seem to be as one; blending into each other as Bensusan turns his instrument into a living thing, making it talk, making each string sing.

He may have fancy equipment on stage but, at the end of the day, it is all about one man and his acoustic guitar.

Switching tempos and styles with the concentration yet familiar ease of a master craftsman, he took us on a world tour, stopping off in Brazil and, would you believe it, Scotland, where he made the guitar sound like bagpipes, even down to the drone, while his jigs and reels were so fast his hands were a blur.

At other times he made the guitar sound as if was an orchestra. And then there is Pierre’s singing: melodic, passionate, full of feeling, with his ‘scat esperanto’ a firm favourite. The audience was spellbound.

Pierre Bensusan is well known in these parts, having made several appearances at The Firestation Arts Centre (when it was the Windsor Arts Centre). With some of his fans making the trek across to Maidenhead and every ticket sold, his audience is no doubt looking forward to a return visit.

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