Hey Pierre,

Great concert, not just musically, but I thought your good humoured audience banter that night was particularly on fine form and you looked as if you were really having fun.

I was also impressed with the venue...I've seen you many times in the past usually at the Westy in Aldershot, but I really liked the intimate feel and sound of Norden's Farm, I will definitely be going back there again. Great also having no support act... all the more time for you to stretch out, especially on the medley and the Brazilian flavoured numbers (how about a whole album with a South American feel to it in the future...?).

Once again thanks for the wonderful music which has been a part of my life since your first album back in the 70's...

Come back to the UK soon

Posted by  Andy Lovegrove - 1/13/2012
Votre œuvre est si sensible que je veux la promouvoir dans le monde accompagné de personnes reconnaissantes de cette merveille que vous portez et offrez au monde par les meilleurs moyens possible, avec respect...Merci d'exister...Je suis tout près de vous et espère pouvoir participer à l'un de vos master class à Nantes l'année prochaine....Vous êtes protégé...Prenez soin de vous...Toutes mes amitiées et respect à votre famille...
Posted by  Léo Lamotte - 1/10/2012

* Thank you for your kindness and your UNIQUE music. We loved any second you spent here. Hope to see and meet you again.

Grazie di cuore per la tua musica

Posted by  Dom & Lidia - 1/2/2012
bonjour Pierre! un petit mail pour te dire que ton nouvel album m'a beaucoup plu,bravo, superbe! c'est aussi l'occasion te t'entendre( avec beaucoup de plaisir) sur plusieurs chansons, et quelles chansons… j'avais juste espèré que tu nous aurais fait la surprise d'un ou deux morceaux sur ta guitare archtop, j'aime beaucoup la lowden, c'est un très bel instrument, que tu sublime magnifiquement, mais je suis aussi très fan du son guitare jazz, on avez pu en avoir un aperçu sur youtube lorsque tu avais essayé cet instrument, pour moi ton jeu sur cette guitare me semblait vraiment très interressant. j'ai une Es 175 accordé en dadgad (ce n'est pas un hasard, j'aime et j'ecoute beacoup de musiciens, beaucoup de guitaristes mais tu es avec Tuck Andress celui qui me touche et me parle le plus,et depuis longtemps), aussi ce que j'ai entendu sur cet extrait vidéo m'a beaucoup plu. Alors peut être qu'un jour. En mars j'ai raté ton passage à nancy, Je serais à l'inouï le 26 Octobre.
Posted by  Thierry Maginot - 12/15/2011
Dear Pierre, I really want to say what a beautiful evening we had on Friday - it was truly a pleasure to 'work with you' and present your beautiful music and songs. I real privilege. I hope we can do it again sometime. Very best wishes and thank you so much, Liz x
Posted by  Lizzie Rosenfield - 7/4/2011
Hi Pierre I was at your concert last night at the Middlewich Royal British Legion. There is no doubt that this was an 'interesting' venue to choose for many reasons. However, nothing could diminish the brilliance of your playing. Listening to you was just magical. I had to pinch myself at times to believe that one of the world's greatest musicians was here in such humble surroundings. Although it was a small audience, the love and admiration for you was palpable. It was an honour and privilege to be present. Have a safe journey home. Regards John
Posted by  John Warburton - 7/2/2011
Pierre Bensusan, concert at the Met, in Bury, UK, June 30, 2011 - had the amazing pleasure of seeing you in concert last night at the met Pierre, a very moving experience, you are a very special musician, thankyou for your gifts to us. Peace and respect Phil
Posted by  Phil Ross - 7/1/2011
Hi Pierre. Fantastique. Great performance. Was on row 2 at the front with a clear view for the Stables gig. It leaves the rest of us players (with 20+ years of playing) a lot to think about.! Thanks for taking time to sign my CD on the night. Another wonderful memory to add to the list of great players I have met in my time. Hope to see you again sometime. Thanks Mike Molloy
Posted by  Mike Molloy - 6/30/2011
Mes sincères remerciements à Pierre Bensusan pour le beau cadeau qu'il a partagé avec nous ce soir. Drôle, généreuse, inspirant et rempli d'émotion à chaque instant. The concert performance in Milton Keynes this evening was stunning - just breathtaking. ...
Posted by  Adrian Foden - 6/29/2011
Great show at the Stables tonight!! You were so busy in the foyer signing CD's, and I had to leave before I could say hello (needed to get back to the dogs) ... so our next meeting will have to wait until the London Acoustic Show... Wonderful to hear you playing so well... and the new guitar sounded really awesome.. All my best wishes Bob
Posted by  Bob Thomas - 6/29/2011
Bonjour Pierre, Yes , just one week to go before we see you again, we are so excited !!. We got the tickets three months ago and half of the total had already been sold !!!! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday and hope there will be time for us to catch up with the last few years, it’s been a long time. The latest Acoustic guitar magazine with you on the cover, nice photographs, what a sexy beast !, is great and we have enjoyed the interview and your column as usual. Vividly has been in the cd player since you very kindly sent us a copy and we look forward to hearing the live versions next week. The beautiful music has helped us to get over a very bad period in our lives and helped us both see some sunshine during the dark days we encountered. We send you big hugs and kisses and look forward to seeing you very soon. Marilyn and Evan
Posted by  Evan & Maylin Peck-watson - 6/26/2011
Hi Pierre, thank you very much for the wonderful performance which I had the pleasure to attend in Bridgend this week. Prior to the concert, my only exposure to your music was through the Intuite album, and thus even though I was aware of your talents, I was truly impressed by your sheer musicianship, and moved by the expressiveness and tonality of your music. I can honestly say that it was one of the best gigs I have attended and look forward to seeing you in concert again in the near future! Merci beaucoup, Ceri
Posted by  Ceri B Davies - 6/23/2011
Hello Pierre, Fantastic concert last night at The Greystones. I love the way the guitar is part of you in concert. Thanks for coming to Sheffield and all the best for the rest of your tour. Tom
Posted by  Tom Monaghan - 6/23/2011
Hi Pierre! EXCELLENT gig last night @ the Half Moon/Putney! REALLY enjoyed and you were on FIRE man! YEAH! J Cheers, Pierre! Much LOVE to you’s! J Amrit
Posted by  Amrit Sond - 6/21/2011
Hi Pierre, the Half-Moon gig was fantastic, did not actually expect any different. Closing tune (I believe called QATAR) was beyond my imagination. Please come back to the UK again soon. The non-Putney resident fan.
Posted by  Vuk Pasic - 6/21/2011
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