Pierre Bensusan


During a three year hiatus from international touring, Pierre has been writing exciting new material and perfecting his guitar-playing and is proud to present his latest instrumental album "AZWAN".

Track Listing

  1. Fils De La Rose

  2. Optimystical

  3. Azwan

  4. Abeille

  5. Balkangeles

  6. Return to Ireland

  7. Without You

  8. Wee Dander

  9. Dia Libre

  10. Portnoo

  11. Corps Vaudou

  12. Manitowoc



Production: Pierre Bensusan & David Bevan

Compositions, guitare acoustique & vocal: Pierre Bensusan
Lyrics Paroles "Corps Vaudou": Doatea Cornu Bensusan

Guests Invités:
Stéphane Kerecki: upright bass contrebasse (1 & 9)
Jean-Marie Ecay: nylon string guitar guitare à cordes nylon (5)
Christophe Cravero: alto & violin alto et violon (9)

Mixing Mixage : Jamie Ward, Silk Mill Studios, Staffs, England (January 2020 janvier) www.thesilkmill.co.uk

Production artistique: Jean-Marie Ecay & Pierre Bensusan

Recording Enregistrement: Maïkol Seminatore
Dadgad Studio, Château-Thierry, France (between September and December 2019 entre septembre et décembre)

Mastering: Marwan Danoun, Galaxy Studios, Mol, Belgium

Production exécutive: Doatea & Pierre Bensusan
Post-prodution: Maïkol Seminatore & Pierre Bensusan

Cover, inside & back photographies Photos recto, intérieure et verso: ©Christian Taillemite

CD photography Photo sur CD (Ardara, Co. Donegal, Ireland): ©Doatea Cornu-Bensusan
Rear CD photograhy Photo arrière CD (Haikou, China Chine, July juillet 2019): ©Jiangming Gu

Cover design & artwork Maquette et conception graphique: Anne-Marie Cornu

Publishings & Copyrights 2020: Pierre Bensusan (Sacem, France)

Music played on the original "Old Lady" model designed by George Lowden in 1978
Musique jouée sur la Lowden modèle "Old Lady" construite par George Lowden en 1978

Management: Alive Network - www.alivenetwork.com




Jean-Marie Ecay to have been my two other ears from the start of this project; also for his vision of the music, friendship and unshakeable support.

Maïkol Seminatore, "Il Dottore", for the sound, his full commitment and insights

Jamie Ward for his great mixing

Christophe Cravero & Stéphane Kerecki for their musicianship

George Lowden for having, since 1978, conceived the guitar I dream out loud with, as well as to have built the current Signature models that have followed George Lowden

Dave Bevan, my manager in England, for his fantastic support and unvaluable insights, also everyone at Alive Network, especially Rich Hearn (Graphism, communication, social networks & newsletters), Tim Laws (webmaster), Jim Hodgekinson (agent) & Cathryn Briggs (graphism, Dadgad 3D Vision logo graphic concept).

Christian Taillemite for our longtime friendship, his colourful vision and to be my road manager throughout Europe.

A very special thanks and my gratitude to the Patrons Sponsors for greatly supporting the production of this album. Peter Jahn, Dale Grote, John & Elaine Memishian, Paul Norman, Steve Sivulka, Serge Guinot, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Jim & Sharon Tabasz, Tom Mowrey, Takao Inoue, Emoretta Yang, Shamus Johnson, Ned & Linda Hearn, Steve & Brian Bongiovanni, Richard Cieslak, George Seldon, Duke Bullard, Larry Birger & "Learn from the Masters Music Outreach" Foundation (www.LMMO.org)

For their friendship, craft, collaboration, advices, listening, support and presence: Roland Gallery, Leslie Dupin, Brenda Lewis, Jeff Schroedl & Hal Leonard, Nick Walton & Wyres Strings, Jürg Vogt & Vovox, Mark Hamre & NeckUp Guitar Support, Arjen Ease & Audio Ease, Klaus Schanz, Thomas Franke, Ranphi Li, Weifeng Li, Sarah Valinsky, Stéphane Maddy Lecyn, Jiangming Gu, Danny McKinney & Requisite Audio Engineering, Rich Barbera, Steve Vai, Christian Hugonnet, Marco Delporte & Woodbrass, Vicelow, Emmanuel Binet, Roberto Lana, Guitong Lee, Nathan Reid, Mark Soileau, Christophe Goudot, Rob Doyle, Christian Leblanc, Stéphane Lebeuf, Philippe Leclerc, Nick Perez & Fabrizio Zucchelli

My son, Théophile, aka Joker Yudat, for dancing his life, and his partner, Rana Nazli.

And finally my wife, Doatea Cornu Bensusan, for her thorough listening of every parcell of this music and be on my side again for this album, and above everything, to be the greatest musician of life I know. You have showed me the most beautiful path. This album is for you!

All the scores of this album + technical details, insights and more can be found in the book "Pierre Bensusan Guitar Collection" (Hal Leonard).

A dedicated page to «Azwan», with write-ups, anecdotes, pictures, lyrics and much more is available at: www.pierrebensusan.com/azwan


#1 to à Théophile Bensusan
#2 to à Brett Tracy
#3 to à Doatea Cornu Bensusan
#4 to à Rana Nazli
#5 to à Serge & Leslie Dupin
#6 to à George Lowden
#7 to à Kenny Rankin
#8 to à Nathan Reid
#9 to à Gonzalo Castro
#10 to à Brendan McKeever
#11 to à Jimmy Yudat
#12 to à Gloria & Peter Pivonka

© ℗ 2019 MVD Audio. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

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