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Guitar Collection - Azwan Sheet Music Book

Guitar Collection - Azwan Sheet Music Book

During a three year hiatus from international touring, Pierre has been writing exciting new material and perfecting his guitar-playing and is proud to present his latest instrumental album "AZWAN".

Please note this book is available in hardcopy only. No PDF version will be available.

This comprehensive dual language (English & French) edition features the music transcriptions with guitar tab from the album Azwanplus other popular performance pieces. 

It also includes extensive intermediate to advanced level instruction and technique on topics including: 

  • DADGAD tuning
  • positions
  • fingerings
  • modes
  • scales & chords
  • harmonics
  • practicing techniques
  • equipment and more. 

This beautiful 2-color folio features many photos as well and is spiral comb-bound. 

Includes 18 songs: 

From Azwan

  • Abeille
  • Azwan
  • Balkangeles
  • Corps Vaudou
  • Dia Libre
  • Fils De La Rose
  • Manitowoc
  • Optimystical
  • Portnoo
  • Return to Ireland
  • Wee Dander
  • Without You


Popular performance pieces

  • Chant De Nuit
  • If Only You Knew 
  • L'alchimiste
  • Silent Passenger
  • So Long Michael
  • Wu Wei. 




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