Pierre Bensusan

The DADGAD Cafe Collection

A collection of 12 pieces compiled from various sources into one downloadable PDF songbook. Also includes MP3 files.

"I do not stick to easy keys here and this Guitar Collection is all quite complex and harder to play. Many guitarists use DADGAD for its modal characteristics, and do not stray far from the key of D; I try to choose a specific key as music originally came to me. All the chords are there and DADGAD may be used the same way that others use standard tuning. It is particularly true when playing with jazz harmony and in a jazz style. Often the pieces continue to evolve and playing live gives them a chance to develop an autonomy of their own. Perhaps the music is never truly finished..." - Pierre Bensusan


Dadgad Café
The Welsh Arrow
Kiss Landing
La Dame De Clevedon
La Hora Española
Bourrée Voltige
Coup Dans L’eau


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