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Pierre Bensusan

Nice Feeling Collection

A collection of 9 pieces compiled from various sources into one downloadable PDF songbook. Also includes MP3 files.

"I wanted the Nice Feeling collection to be all dreamy, happy and playful. Melody is very important in this music. I want to make the guitar sing, perhaps this is because singing has also been an important part of my musical experience. Also my approach to the guitar was always through my ears (rather than through printed music or by copying someone); my ears dictate what I played - my approach is an aural one. This is how it should be for all musicians: we make the sounds that we want to hear. NB: Please pronounce Nice as the city where I spent a few years. That experience was indeed very nice. " - Pierre Bensusan


Nice Feeling
Santa Monica
Wu Wei
Sentimentales Pyromaniaques
Le Jardin D’adonis
La Femme Cambrée
Mille Pattes


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