Pierre Bensusan

Celtic Collection Vol. 2

Celtic Collection Vol. 2 - Contents Page

Celtic Collection Vol. 2 - Contents Page

Celtic Collection Vol. 2 - Heman Dubh

A collection of 8 Celtic pieces compiled from various sources into one downloadable PDF songbook. Also includes MP3 files.

"A second Celtic Collection was needed as this element is rich and determining in my work. One of the first things that struck me was the meeting parfait of using DADGAD with playing modal elements, as encountered in Celtic Music. It felt like home to evoke specific instruments. The Bagpipe is the essence of The Lost Piper March (La Marche Du Sonneur Egaré), while the tin whistle or violin are not far when listening to The Last Pint — a piece I wrote when I was 15. I owe to the Dubliners The Town That I Have Loved So Well, a song by Phil Coulter, to Breton harpist Alan Stivell, Heman Dubh, a women working song from the Hebridies Islands, Flamorgan Aire to Irish keyboardist Michael O’Sullivan. As I was working on arranging the piece Scarborough Fair, the progression of ideas during the process led to a new piece which I logically named En Route From Scarborough and dedicated to John Rebourn." - Pierre Bensusan


Heman Dubh
La Marche Du Sonneur Egaré
Le Lac Des Abbesses
The Town that I Have Loved so Well
The Last Pint
Flamorgan Aire
Près de Paris/Reels : The Ashplant, The Morning Dew
En Route From Scarborough


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