Pierre Bensusan


INTUITE: AFIM 2002 Award for Best Acoustic Instrumental Album (USA)

"Intuite stands as the finest, most artistic and passionate example of anything composed and recorded on the instrument. I am amazed at every phrase, every turn, every nuance. But then again, consider the source! I couldn't mean that more..."
John Schroeter/Fingerstyle Guitar Mag. (USA)

“I’ve wanted to do a solo guitar album for a long time, something that focuses on mixing together the cells of the music, the player and the wood. While making Intuite, I realized that I loved the instrument much more than I ever imagined.”
Pierre Bensusan

1 KADOURIMDOU (to Karim & Doudou) 3.57
2 THE WELSH ARROW (to Sandy Alexander) 2.17
3 SO LONG MICHAEL (to Michael Hedges) 3.11
4 INTUITE (to Munir Bachir) 4.51
6 LE JARDIN D’ADONIS (to Marcel Dadi) 2.16
7 LA HORA ESPANOLA (to Juan Miguel Carmona) 7.14
8 L’ALCHIMISTE (to Isaac Guillory) 3.05
9 AGADIRAMADAN (to Philippe Zani) 4.58
10 EN ROUTE FROM SCARBOROUGH (to John Renbourn) 3.45
11 SILENT PASSENGER (to Allen Greenall) 3.36

Total time: 42.32

Pierre Bensusan: Solo acoustic steel string guitar

Pierre is offering 3 video lessons, available to download from I-Videosong's website, for only USD $4,99 each. These lessons are related to 3 compositions from the "Intuite" album:

So Long Michael
Silent Passenger
AFIM Award for Best Acoustic Instrumental Album (USA)
Guitar Album of the Year fROOTS (UK)
Album of the Week JOURNAL DE MONTREAL (Canada)
Ein wahres Juwel OWL AM SONNTAG (Germany)
Bravo!!! TRAD MAG (France)

Recorded in 2000
Produced by Pierre & Doatea Bensusan
Dadgad Music (Ref. DM-1008)
Official re-release date: November 2, 2009
Distribution France: Rue Stendhal
Distribution UK & Ireland: Discovery
Distribution Italy: IRD
Distribution Benelux: Music & Words
Distribution Germany & Austria: Sunny Moon

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