Pierre Bensusan

A La Carte

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A LA CARTE is a selection composed of titles extracted from Pierre's 9 first albums, with a live version of Intuite as a bonus track. This compilation is a perfect introduction to Pierre Bensusan's musical universe.

1 SANTA MONICA (Solilaï - 3.54)
2 FEEL IT SO (AWALI) (Wu Wei - 5.00)
3 HEMAN DUBH (Musiques - 2.43)
4 AGADIRAMADAN (Spices - 5.44)
5 INTUITE (Live Bonus track - 8.11)
6 BOURREE VOLTIGE (Intuite - 3.03)
7 LES VOILES CATALANES (Spices - 6.48)
8 SCARABEE (Altiplanos - 5.35)
9 LE ROI RENAUD ("2" - 6.58)
10 FETISH (Live in Paris - 7.01)
11 WU WEI (Wu Wei - 3.52)
12 DAME LOMBARDE (Près de Paris - 3.05)
13. THE LAST PINT (Spices - 2.34)
14. CORDILLIERE (Wu Wei - 6.47)
15. SO LONG MICHAEL (Intuite - 3.10)

Total time: 74.48

"One of the most unique and brilliant acoustic guitar veterans in what might most accurately be described as the world music scene today."
The Los Angeles Times (USA)

"Bensusan: the purist's purist. One of the best acoustic guitarists on the planet. His passion and ability to express complex musicality and sensitivity is unsurpassed. Pierre Bensusan is an exquisite, unique and passionate acoustical musical experience."
Mark Tucker - Acoustic (UK)

"Impossibly beautiful"
David Curry, The Canberra Sunday Times (Australia)

"Whenever the name Pierre Bensusan is mentionned to a guitarist, guitar fan, or anyone seriously into music, their response is always one of awe, reverence, and enchanted bewilderment at the man's unparallelled dexterity and creativity on acoustic guitar. He released his first album in 1975, and since then has carved a reputation as one of the most innovative guitarists there is, practically unrivalled by any acoustic (or maybe even electric) player. Pierre's music, though highly complex, is defined by melody and accessibility. You can hum a piece by Pierre Bensusan. The melodies lodge in the mind easily as well as make you wonder "How does he do that?"
Kernan Andrews, The Galway Advertiser (Ireland)

Copyright & Publishing 2009: Dadgad Music (France)
Produced by Pierre & Doatea Bensusan
Dadgad Music (Ref. DM-1010)
Official re-release date: November 2, 2009
Distribution France: Rue Stendhal
Distribution UK: Discovery

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