Pierre Bensusan


One of the most highly respected acoustic guitarists around, Pierre Bunsusan rooted through his collection of live recordings over a span of several years to come up with this thirty five song career introspective that will no doubt be highly coveted by loyal fans as well as a great entry level collection for those who are curious. This is Pierre at his simple best, picking and plucking his classics in brilliant fashion. CD 1 includes such favorites as “Kadourimdou,” “So Long Michael,” and “Anthem for the Ocean,” the latter graced with keyboards provided by Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess. One of the true highlights of CD 2 is an eighteen minute long medley of Celtic songs that will keep you enthralled throughout. “Alimatou” and the somberly emotive “Lunar Tide” are a couple of the highlights on the third disc. There are just really way too many excellent renditions here to come up with proper plaudets for enough of them, it is just one of those CDs where you just need to sit back, listen and enjoy. For those who know Pierre’s music the best, you know there will be those extra little changes and improvisations that he is famous for doing to his songs in concert. For those who don’t know him but are fans of instrumental acoustic guitar music, dive right in. If this does not make you an instant fan, nothing will. – MW

Source: http://musicmorsels.wordpress.com
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