Pierre Bensusan


Vividly album coverPIERRE BENSUSAN
BY Tony Hillier
Pierre Bensusan is one of Europe’s most distinctive and versatile finger-style acoustic guitarists and composers. Vividly has him exploring world, folk, classical and jazz textures with characteristic dexterity and under-statement. ‘DADGAD Café’, a piece that carries the name of his signature tuning, perfectly exemplifies Bensusan’s quietly articulate approach. Dedicated to Chet Baker, it moves through some delightful chordal and melodic changes, punctuated by deft harmonics. Similarly jazz-tinged, ‘Kiss Landing’ could easily be a companion piece. The French-Algerian’s singing, especially on ‘Le Chien Qui Tourne’, is more soothing than scintillating, but it too is highly individualistic. Sign-off track ‘Les Places De Liberte’, a mash-up of world styles featuring an array of guest musicians including African vocalist Mah Damba, is at variance with the rest of the set.
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