Pierre Bensusan

Press Release

"At other times he made the guitar sound as if was an orchestra. And then there is Pierre’s singing: melodic, passionate, full of feeling, with his ‘scat esperanto’ a firm favourite. The audience was spellbound."
Beat Magazine (UK, June 2011)

"Pierre made the guitar sound like nothing else I have ever heard a guitar sound like. A fascinating mixture of sweet notes and percussive rhythms. Absolutely WONDERFUL!"
Acoustic Sussex (UK, November 2006)

"If there were any glum faces leaving the theatre that night, they belonged to th guitarist wearily calculating how many years practise it would require to even come close"
Trefor Patten - Freelance Journalist (UK, June 2001)

"Sure, he's a genius guitarist, but he's more than that: he's a conceptor in his music, designing environments, making propositions. Of course there's virtuosity but it's very controlled and his heart is totally there"
Rick Batey - Acoustic Magazine (UK, 2001)

"Quite the complete guitarist on peak form, recorded beautifully. Guitar album of the year so far, by a very long margin."
Ian Kearey - fRoots (UK, 2001)

"Pierre Bensusan, very young, very French, and with a touch of genius"
Maurice Rosenbaum - The Daily Telegraph (UK, 1988)

"He is a natural. Pierre Bensusan has the liquid, relaxed manner of playing which has the easy inevitability of true genius.“
Melody Maker (UK, 1991)
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