Pierre Bensusan

Press Release

Pierre Bensusan’s newest album shows in his guitar style a very lyrical capacity, with beautiful songlike, wide-ranged melodic qualities, changing rapidly, fluently with a sophisticated strength, speeding up and slowing down melodically, and played in two layers of arrangements as if always playing two guitars at once.

While most guitarists include the picking rhythm into the inspirations, Pierre does not. This time there are also songs involved, most of them in French, not always surprising melodically, and with a lightness in them despite the seriousness of skills taken care off in the playing. At time there’s a jazziness in some of the playing and a few tunes have different, perhaps World Folk Musics associations of inspirations. The last tune sounds like a dedication towards the whole world, with a Latin rhythm association, a few trumpet arrangements and with a number of guest singers from French to African origin, and a warm atmosphere.

“Vividly” is the name of the album and there is a vivid, light positive vibration in the album indeed.



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