Pierre Bensusan

Press Release

"Altiplanos is not your average guitar record, folk record, or new age sojourn; nor does it seem an attempt to cover a number of genres in the hopes of being something for everyone, yet I cannot imagine a flag bearer from any one of these camps who could give this a quick listen and set it aside for a rainy day; it’s that good. Always full of surprises, Pierre pushes the envelope once more with Altiplanos: a tender – sweet musical treatise that cajoles as well as calms. His voice is used to great effect on this recording, both as instrument and lyrical vehicle, and the range of emotion he achieves on the instrument is only slightly shadowed by the techniques employed to achieve them (the guitarists out there will either be inspired or frightened). This record is a monumental achievement; one that will surely set its place in music history."
Penguin Eggs (Canada)

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