Pierre Bensusan

Press Release

"Pierre Bensusan casually declares "It's a small world." It's a remark which neatly reflects the French Algerain's mastery of musical styles"
Don O'Mahony - Irish Examiner (IE, May 2009)

"Whenever the name 'Pierre Bensusan' is mentioned to a guitarist, guitar fan, or anyone seriously into music, their response is always one of awe, reverence, and enchanted bewilderment at the man's unparalleled dexterity and creativity on acoustic guitar."
Kernan Andrews - Galway Advertiser (IE, Apr 2009)

"That elusive intersection between ethnic identitiy and technical wizardy is a crossroads at which French solo guitarist, Pierre Bensusan loiters gracefully."
Siobhan Long - The Irish Times (IE, Mar 2007)

"His technical mastery is in the Julian Bream class, but (as with Bream) it never calls attention to itself; instead it's at the service of a music that bubbles under with intoxicatingly rich rhythms."
John Boland - Evening Press (IE)

"He is one of the relatively few artists who genuinely comply with the record-sleeve cliche about being unclassifiable"
George Hodnett - The Irish Times (IE, Sept 1987)

"This French-Algerian guitarist revered as the godfather of sophisticated six-string music, has garnered the kind of reputation for excellence that most musicians merely dream of. Intuite sees him fusing with the essence of the music yet again, characterised as much by the silence as the sound, with an acrobatic agility, and with the knowing comfort of the polymath who can capture the most complex of chords in his sleep. Intuite is a must, an all-too rare opportunity to breathe deep in this gentlest of musician’s magic."
Siobhan Long, The Irish Times (IE)

"Ten albums on, and French acoustic fingerstyle guitarist, Pierre Bensusan is about as far from autopilot mode as the Cistine chapel is from Andy Warhol's soup cans... It is Bensusan's appetite for experimentation and his bold forays into territory more usually the domain of dance maestros, that stir the listener to reach for his back catalogue. His is an acoustic architecture rather than a landscape, replete with French literary references that reek of a musical imagination that refuses to sit still. Long may this guru's itch remain unreachable. Attention deficit (dis)order never sounded so ravishing."
Siobhan Long, The Irish Times, 4 Stars (IE)
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