Pierre Bensusan

Press Release

"Bensusan’s music is infinitely evocative; he has the rare gift of being able to convey his own thoughts and memories in sound, while awakening the listener’s own. And, most of all, he has the ability to give those who hear him a great deal of pleasure."
Alexander Varty - The Georgia Straight (CA, 2005)

"The range of emotion he achieves on the instrument is only slightly shadowed by the techniques employed to achieve them (the guitarists out there will either be inspired or frightened)."
Penguin Eggs (CA)

"It was Bensusan's overall evocative, elegant and original compositions that had people holding their breath"
Teresa Mazzitelli - Edmonton Journal (CA, Jan 1983)

"Pierre Bensusan has to be seen to be believed.  It's one thing to hear that fabulous musicianship on record; it's another thing entirely to watch those delicate fingers flying over the frets like a shuttle through a loom"
Michael Skeet - The Edmonton Sunday (CA) 
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