Pierre Bensusan

Press Release

By Erik Schultz

Erik Schultz

1. The show at the Tractor Tavern was outstanding and I enjoyed the many stories prior to many of the songs. What goes into writing your music?

Pierre Bensusan
A full spoon of embodying the moment, 3 cups of inspiration, 2 cups of hard work and a pinch of good luck. Served hot or cold.

3. What are some of the differences touring around the States vs. France vs. UK?

PB: On an affective level, now a days, I am almost uncomfortable touring in the USA because of the political climate between France and the USA. They love French people in the UK even if they very rarely admit it. On a logistics aspect, touring the US is exausting, I should be a plane. in Europe, I drive to most places and can bring a bit more of my personal environment along with me.

4. Tell me about the new guitars you have helped create.

PB: There are two different luthiers I have been working with. Kevin Ryan for the steel string model and Juan Miguel Carmona for the nylon string model. The sound, the touch, the look are all what I have dreamed of. More infos on my web site at: http://www.pierrebensusan.com

5. I read you use DADGAD tuning. How did you come up with that and why?

PB: I use DADGAD tuning since 1973. I made the choice to stick with DADGAD instead of traveling into a myriad of open tunings including standart tuning. That tuning became a tool which I had to tame. This implies to deepen its different areas, relationship from string to string, modes, scales, harmony, and different ways to lay the fingers and get the sounds. The tuning is not the most crucial element, the inspiration, the ideas, the organisation and architecture of the music, the feel, the grove, etc. are the keys. That tuning helped me to articulate, have maybe more fun and understand what I had inside that wanted to come out, but sincerely, I could have very well achieved different things in standard tuning and be as happy in the process. Maybe I am saying this because I don't even notice any more that I am playing in a different tuning because IS my "standart" tuning.

6. Tell me about the new album.

PB: I am right into the process of recording and finilizing the writing of it. It will be acoustic, contain guitar instrumentals, songs and vocal materials. Most of the tunes have been within me for a long time, so it will be like a delivrance. It will be released on Favored Nations at the end of March 2005. The label is very supportive.

7. You seem to stay very busy touring. You must enjoy it.

PB: Yes, I do, but thanks God, I am not only touring, I am also very productive at home, playing, writing, holding seminars and recording.

8. What?s on the horizon for you?

PB: Much more music and songs to come, and incidentally, lots of green trees.

9. What would you say most influences you?

PB: The green eyes of my wife Doatea.

10. If you could compare yourself to one historical figure, who would that be and why?

PB: Ramses the Second, because he was a very modest and humble man made God, and also he lived in a real warm country. His wife, Nefertari, was very beautiful and smart.

11. If you were for some reason not able to play guitar, what would you do?

PB: I also sing. Before playing guitar, I played a lot of piano. I would still have lots of music within me. If not, I would watch movies, become an historian or run for president. If I was elected, there would be a one day work week.

12. What is your biggest pet peeve?

PB: People who have no humor and mosquetos.

13. Do you enjoy holding seminars and teaching?

PB: Yes I do. It's not about giving a technique - that would take a long time - but more about turning some lights on, facilitate the process, and so forth. I love to see how their eyes shine when the music comes through them.

14. What is one interesting fact people might not know about you?

PB: People might already know of my lisp but don't know that my feet are of two different sizes. (I am not kidding!)

15. Thanks for taking the time for this interview.

PB: You are welcome! Thank YOU!

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