Pierre Bensusan

Pierre Bensusan Lyrics

(Lyrics: Philippe Val, music: Pierre Bensusan, English adaptation: Charlotte Langman)

Since you closed your door to me
My letters lie cold and empty
But then in a bar down in town
Over drinks with friends of mine
Behind the bar, in the mirror
I recognised you, but played it cool
As you weren’t alone, my lover
I didn’t want to blow my cover

I looked the other way
I hummed this small refrain
For you! You, of yesterdays world, yesterdays girl
Long ago, far away
From those breathless balmy days
So close! Once clinging close as moss to the stone

And our blue hazy city nights in embrace
In this unlikely place
We who’ve loved for ever
And who’ll love for ever more…

All that time you and I spent alone
Means I know your every line, every curve
And look at the way I am now
Not even a simple hello
And in the mirror of the bar
I see you hand, then I see his hand
Move closer, touch gently, skin on skin
We had it all, we lost it all

In a few thousand years
In the dust of lovers past
Just maybe, traces of us – of us, of you, of me
Will mingle on, underground
‘Neath the seas, in the breeze
To your health, to forever! I raise my glass…

If only, by chance one evening
You could hear this melody
You could feel my pain
Just settle gently on your skin
If only, by chance, one evening
You could hear this melody
Hear these few simple chords
Whisper I love you for ever more

C. & P. 1993, Dadgad Music (Sacem, France)

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