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Pierre Bensusan

Pierre Bensusan Lyrics

(lyrics: Jacques Higelin, English adaptation: Cathy Grier, music: Pierre Bensusan)

There's a place deep inside
Harboring broken dreams
Making life seem unfair

Far away
Shooting stars fall on my night
Fighting out with the dawn

Traces mark the wounded sky
Then transform along the fray
And with this elegant disarray
Beckons the sleepless morning love

The days and nights
That poison delights
Chased out where they may hide

Days and nights
The shadow dance into the light
Blowing on the fire of the flesh

Sensitive to endless heat
Spying eyes kept at bay
Tormented hearts that skip a beat
And the taste so bittersweet
Right to the core of my soul
A hunger for life

Awali, Aalefa nie say
Aie Faali, ai laa-o fane oueee
Awaali, whode-dm'ma doho manoo-ho
Ammani, I feel it so

Days and nights finding a way
Between confusion within
And the mysterious universe
Walking to the edge
Just 'till I understand
The fleeting grains of sand

Awali, Ale oma finway
Omma ma ma ne vo fa Wo
Fma neh st'beie

A fee, O-o-oui la ma-ne sai
O ma-meh fa meness kind'way

These grains of sand
Drifting through dreams so real
Blown by temperamental will
Of the Gods never still

Sometimes let down
Sometimes spellbound
By the rendition of my own play

The game of life
So improvised
No illusions to the wise
another turn of one more tries

And this dreamers open eyes
Caresses the dune

E na Fane o Fa
Tchi Kengue, etc.

... The Moon!

C. & P. 1993, Dadgad Music (Sacem, France)

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