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Pierre Bensusan

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Pierre endorses the MiniFlex Microphone system

Recently, I came across the MiniFlex system, a combination of two condenser microphones positioned inside the guitar, one underneath the saddle and the second one in the sound hole. They pretty much work like any high end condenser microphones, except that they are less sensitive to feedback and cannot be out of phase with one another. I chose the model #7, which requires Phantom power and uses a TRS quarter inch to XLR cable. This fits right into my Universal Audio Apollo system which allows me to control and tailor the sound, using the apps from UA. 

So far, this system has proved its efficiency, restoring the genuine acoustic information of my guitar that was missing using solely a pickup. Furthermore, the combination of that MiniFlex with my pickup has given excellent results, so I cannot recommend it more.

The Miniflex is so good that some may feel the urge to keep on using a piezo pickup less crucial. In any case, for live application, this combination is a winner! - PB

Visit the MiniFlexMic system website here

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