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Pierre Performs For Facebook Execs

One June 20th, 13, I did a show in Cannes which was, in fact, a private party organised by the Facebook executives. They invited lots of their worldwide clients + the marketing people from Google, Twitter, etc. Not much French speaking around. 90 minutes of guitar music non stop, ambient mood, followed by a D.J. Lots of Champagne & great food, once Juice for me  There were up to over 200 people at pick time. They all came out with one of my CDs offered by Facebook !!! 

Nice villa   Thank you FB!!!

Pierre Bensusan performs at Facebook Exec Party
 Setting up for Facebook party

Setting up at Facebook Villas

Pierre Bensusan performs for Facebook

 Pierre at Facebook Execs party

 Pierre Bensusan performs at Facebook villas

 Facebook villas bar

 Pierre Bensusan performing for Facebook Execs
 Pierre at Facebook Villas
 Pierre performing for Facebook
 Pierre's performance for Facebook Execs in full swing
 Facebook behind my back!

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