Pierre Bensusan

US Seminars


I am very pleased to bring to the US my residential seminar program format, and offer 2 seminars during my US/Canadian Spring Tour, a 2 days seminar in Creswell, OR (near Eugene) considered to be my West Coast seminar, on May 30th & 31st, and a 3 days seminar in Nashville, TN on July 3rd, 4th & 5th.


From intermediate to advanced
These seminars are dedicated to the acoustic guitar and opened to guitarists, amateurs, semi-pros and professionals, playing any style, from various musical horizons.



Study of acoustic steel string guitar in Fingerstyle, illustrated by excerts of some of my compositions and pieces suggested by students. The aim being to reckognise the means, identify what we wish to play, with the goal of bringing together technique, intuition, performance, integrity and pleasure.

While I play exclusively in DADGAD tuning, this tuition is aimed for ALL guitarists, whatever the tuning they use.



- Posture

- Listening, ear training

- Rhythmic attention and articluation

- Phrasing

- Harmony-Chords: creation, positions, progressions, knowledge of the fretboard, … (in DADGAD and appliable to any other tuning)

- Arpeggios: variations, fingers independance, rhythmic accents, fingering anticipation in regard with the context, rhythmic synchronisation

- Scales and various modes by illustrating various right hand techniques

- Fingerings for both hands: warm up excercices and stretchings

- Touch: sound, tone

- Direct and undirect harmonics

- Non conventional techniques such as slurs, liasons, ornementations for both hands, tapping, muting, harp effect (concept and applications),  etc.

- Interpretation: nuances, dynamics, expression …

- Introduction to arranging and composing


The seminar is opened to a maximum of 15 guitarists. There will be a minimum of 14 hours of group lessons in Creswell and 16 hours in Nashville throughout the length of the tuition. I will be looking after each student in his/her progression.



We have arranged a discounted rate at a local motel. Information about the hotel, location and discount are available on request.



In case of cancellation, there will be no refund, instead the deposit will be kept as a credit against a future registration, under the following terms:

A) Cancellation more than 30 days from the start of the seminar: Your deposit, less a $50 cancellation fee, may be applied to a future residential seminar held in the US or in France.

B) Cancellation within 30 days of the start of the seminar: 
1 - If we subsequently fill the vacant spot in the seminar, your deposit, less a $50 cancellation fee, may be applied to a future residential seminar held in the US or in France.

2 - If we do not subsequently fill the vacant spot in the seminar, your entire deposit will be forfeited. 

3 - Should you cancel a second registration, your entire deposit will be forfeited.

NB: Should you not attend without having canceled, your entire deposit will be forfeited.


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