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The Aspen Daily News Interview (2001)


INTERVIEW THE ASPEN DAILY NEWS By Matt LevitchMatt Levitch:What's new with you? Any recordings in the works or planned for the near future? Pierre Bensusan:A big tour in the US starting in Aspen on Jan. 4th followed by concerts all over Europe and Japan, about 80 shows all together, and my 8th and brand new album called "Intuite" which has just been released before Christmas. It will o...

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More misc. UK Press Clippings


"At other times he made the guitar sound as if was an orchestra. And then there is Pierre’s singing: melodic, passionate, full of feeling, with his ‘scat esperanto’ a firm favourite. The audience was spellbound." Beat Magazine (UK, June 2011)  "Pierre made the guitar sound like nothing else I have ever heard a guitar sound like. A fascinating mixture of sweet notes and percussive ...

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Folk & Music Exchange


Nice Feeling Pierre Bensusan A review written for the Folk and Music Exchange by Mark O'Donnell To say that there has been proliferation of acoustic guitarists in the past two decades is a clear understatement. What hath William Ackerman wrought? So much music and so little of it memorable. To wade through the dross and find those with genuine musicality requires either great luck or a lot o...

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Various press scans from Ireland


By John Boland for the Evening Press   By Imelda Duvlin, George Hodnett & Siobhan Long for the Irish Times   "This French-Algerian guitarist revered as the godfather of sophisticated six-string music, has garnered the kind of reputation for excellence that most musicians merely dream of. Intuite sees him fusing with the essence of the music yet again, characterised...

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The Washington Post


THE WASHINGTON POST (USA) PIERRE BENSUSAN Altiplanos Favored Nations"Like a handful of musicians -- such as Leo Kottke, Martin Taylor and Bert Jansch -- Pierre Bensusan can make a single acoustic guitar sound like an entire band, implying chordal harmonies, percussive accents and bass lines even as he darts through flights of melody. It's enough to hear the Frenchman's guitar by itself, as...

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